How to Contact Us
See Option 1 & 2

(FULLY BOOKED OUT) in many Zone well into Dec 2020 Please See Shearing Rooster Calendar 

(Option 1)  New Clients are asked to please submit "Main Client Contact Form"
(Option 2)  Our Current Clients   Only need "Call" in business hours Or "Sms or Emails" 24/7

All our Admin / Quotes are carried out 24/7. We return calls in daylight hours AEST 7 am to 6 pm (7 days a week). Our Staff will always try to make direct contact with you no matter what, by ever Calling then by SMS/Emails. Our Staffs response time is usually less than 2 hours. In any Peak Shearing-Season or in High Demands times Or in any unforeseen Extreme Wet-Weather/Heat/Wind/Fires our staff response times can be delayed 24 hours to 4 days or as permitted within any such conditions that do not allow Shearpower2ewe Shearing Terms to carry out any workloads safely.   In these times, Shearpower2ewe will reorganising any delayed clients workloads into newly formed workloads by rescheduling any shearing appointments or workloads into a newly formed shearing runs due too Extreme Weather Conditions or Uncontrollable Factors that are Unseeable or that are out of Shearpower2ewe full control.

If your Jobs or Shearing is an "Emergencyplease state Urgent, Our staff will prioritise and make direct contact with you as soon as they can.

When Calling Please Understand. We maybe already very busy: with clients/quoting/organising workloads/shearing and handling livestock or doing driving/travelling between jobs, this requires our full attention at all times. There may be also times we are in remote areas with poor/bad mobile phone coverage & lastly at night Yes we need "Our Sleep " as we do work very hard & also travel some very long hours.  

If our Phone line is Unanswered or Busy. Please simply seend or leave an SMS message we always try to return all Calls/SMS as soon as we are free.   Call's from Private Numbers or Strange Unknown Numbers are Excluded 

All clients' records are fully integrated into our smartphones and onboard computer system. These records display; all Shearing Roster's, AppointmentsGPS Maps, Livestock Records, Navigation, Caller IDContact Management System and much more. Our Records are encrypted and we can work fully "Off-Line" this keeps us working and keeps personal information/data off any Clouds Server and in a much safer place.

New Clients are asked to submit our "Main Client Contact Form Option 1 below" (1x Time Only).  Records will be updated when calling or while onsite thereafter.  Once your on our system records this is our quickest and most effective way for new clients to make contact quickly, it fully ensure that we are getting the correct information that is need regarding your livestock and regarding your site/address or correct contact information. it will greatly speed-up our staff  processing time. Your information is placed in much higher level with all our current clients records & future bookings. Our Staff always keep you informed by SMS or by Calling you personally to making any new appointments or booking, they will keep you updated with the Mobile Shearing Teams "ETA" arrival time will be on your site, also updated and further informed if your missed last years shearing and of any of our newly planed shearing runs that are being rostered within your local areas or zone to help you save time and our money.

Our Staffs response time usually less than 2 hours. (Some conditions may apply as stated above)

Please View our;  SHEARING ROOSTER CALENDAR PAGE,  Regarding any Shearing RUNS which maybe currently;  (FULLY BOOKED OUT ARE LIMITED ) for any new booking for  coming new shearing runs or may have limited new intake for booking in Zones we travel.   Please also Our MOBILE COMMUNICATION can or maybe effected or DELAYED/LIMITED/POOR over some Shearing Runs. please see our shearing rooster for up-to-date details,  SHEARING ROOSTER CALENDAR PAGE 

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Our Main Contact Details
Main Website
Main Email:
Main Phone:    +61428 491963  (Main incoming CALLS & SMS use Main Phone )
AEST Main Office Hours:  Mon to Fri 8am to 5pm   &   Sat  8am to 1pm 

Shearpower2ewe fully mobile shearing, farming services & livestock care services.
We work out of our 4 main locations :   located in rural areas of outer Sydney 70 - 100km West, South & North.  Our office & admin work is done in offices / travelling / Job-to-Job and over Night.
We service all Sydney areas & outer/wider areas in rural North/South/West NSW & ACT.  
Our Shearing operating hours are 7 days & 24/7 -  Peak season from Aug to April yearly.
(conditions may apply please contact for full details)

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