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Single Pets Owners / Hobby Farmers / Large Flocks
Schools / Vets / University / Research Stations / Demos & More

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truly speaks for itself. 


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  • We are Prompt and Reliable.

  • We take the hassles out of finding "reliable". and giving you 100% reliability.

  • 35 years working history & knowledge in the shearing, wool and livestock industries here in Australia.

  • 15 years of trading in Fully Mobile Shearing. Shearpower2ewe has grown over many years and has many happy clients on our yearly shearing runs.  We services the whole of Sydney and large outer rural areas in NSW & ACT.

  • Professional shearers, livestock handlers, wool handlers are used on sites.

  • Buyers of wool, cashmere, alpaca fleeces and livestock sales or rehandling.

  • We stirred for a totally Stress Free Environment at all times on handing and working with any livestock.

  • Our Mobile Shearing vehicles are fully setup to shear just about anywhere and  inderpenitly, we carring a very wide range of specialised equipment towards many aspects in shearing and safer livestock handling for the single pet owner and the very large farmer owers.

  • Husbandry services available onsite.

  • Livestock mustering and working dogs services available.

  • Onsite probity and farm management services available.

  • We are ABN registered.

  • We supply itemised Invoices for your taxations records, and keep full backup history for all your livestock records.

  • We take great pride in doing all jobs cleanly, correctly, quickly and above all very safely.

Servicing all Sydney Areas & Outer NSW Rural  Areas

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