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The True Professionals


Over  "2500"  clients on our yearly shearing run records.

Shearpower2ewe Mobile Shearing Services where 1st established in 2003 in Sydney (Austral NSW) Our services areas have grown yearly and we have always been here to help as many of our Clients "Each & Every Year" with over 21 years in fully mobile shearing for many Hobbies Farmers, Single Pets Owners, Shearing Demo's/Shows Schools and many Large Graziers.  

We truly enjoy doing our jobs and giving Ewe our clients our "best" honest advice towards your needs in Livestock Care and Shearing.  

Our main shearing runs cover a 350 km radius covering all Sydney areas and along the "North Coast Regions" / "South Coast Regions" / "West Blue Mts to central Western Regions" / "South/West Regions ACT & Snowy Mts, Yass, Goulburn".  

We also can service areas in outer regions of NSW, VIC, SA & ACT.

Calls can be made in Business hours Mon - Fri: 8am - 4pm   /   Sat 8am-1pm 


Welcome to another 
New & Great Shearing Season for 2023 & 2024

Main Shearing-Season
"Aug to Dec" Yearly 

"Dec to Apr" Yearly
  • During "Off-Season" summer with extreme heat conditions, it is crucial to prioritize the safety and well-being for all livestock and workers. / Our shearing services can become limited to very Early Morning and Late afternoons or where sites can otherwise permit livestock can be held on sites in "Well Shaded Areas" .  /  Livestock need to be held in yards the day before shearing and kept in well Shaded/Ventilated Area at all times.
  • In " Main Season & Off-Season" if extreme weather such as storms or rain is predicted, all livestock must be kept fully dry or held fully under cover. Additionally, your site must be safe for our team to carry out the required work safely.



Our Services & History

Single Pets Owners / Hobby Farmers / Large Flocks Owners / Schools / Vets / University / Research Stations / Demo Shearing / Pubs Club Shows & Much More.

  • Prompt and Reliable.

  • We take your hassles out of "reliable" and give you 100% reliability within our fully confirmed booking system

  • Own/Manger with over 41 years history & knowledge working in the shearing, wool, farming and livestock industries here in Australia.

  • Own/Manger with over 21 years fully trading as Shearpower2ewe Fully Mobile Shearing.  We have grown each and every year with many happy clients on our yearly & seasonal shearing runs. "well over 2500 Clients and still growing strong"
  • Highly Skilled Professional shearers and livestock handlers are used on all your sites.
  • Portable Yards/Penning/Drafting services available.

  • Mustering services available with 2x extremely highly trained Australian Kelpie Working dogs available on your sites.

  • Our Mobile Shearing vehicles are fully set up and can carry-out your work and shear just about anywhere, we can carry out our work shearing and totally operate independently, we carry a extremely wide range of specialised equipment towards safer shearing and better handling of livestock for all single pet owner, hobby farmer and large grazers owners.

  • We use our best totally Stress-Free techniques within all Environments towards better Safety for everyone and your Livestock. Your Livestock will always come 1st  with our techniques in professional handing and shearing of all your livestock at all times.

  • Many Husbandry services can be fully carried out and available while we on your sites.

  • We are ABN: 65248015685 Registered.

  • We supply fully itemised invoices for your Livestock/Husbandry services and for your taxations purposes outlining all products used, (Expiry Date, Bach #, Withholding, ESI) with special requirements for better livestock care and safety. We also keep the above history as backup for later reference and ongoing rotation or change towards better care for your livestock.

  • We Not Just....  Shearing Services and Shearers!  We offer you a wide range of on-site farming services that help you Our Clients further with your livestock and improve your own probity towards your personal needs and future farm management.

  • We take great pride in helping any clients personally and above all doing yours/our jobs/work for best towards all your livestock needs, cleanly, correctly, quickly and above all very safely.

Servicing all Sydney Areas & Rural Areas NSW & ACT

Please See the map below.  



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