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Covid-19 Restrictions & Updates can be viewed & read in our calendar below

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Our Shearing Roster Calendar is regularly updated.

Our Shearing Roster Calendar can be very helpful for clients to organize a shearing appointment, working out dates & times to make appointment within one of our regular shearing runs.  

We travel over 350 km North, South, East and West

Our Appointments dates within our shearing runs zones do book-out-quickly.  

Per-Book any Advanced Booking for your shearing well ahead of time. 

Staff always organizes any clients appointments into workerable loads, based on our availability when pasting in any Zones or Areas.  We confirm all appointments.   All appointments are then allocated a set-time/date within our Roster or placed in one of our regular Shearing Runs. 

Our fully equipped vehicles can carryout shearing anywhere, We have 3x Shearing Plants that can work independently full-time on the road.

Our mobile shearing services operated:  

7 Day Week  / In All Peak Shearing Seasons /  Shearing Runs Yearly  / Make Advanced Bookings.

New inquiries/bookings may need to confirm our current availability in the Zones or Areas below, Please contacting our staff we are happy to help and work out current availability within any of your areas.

Please View our;  SHEARING ROOSTER CALENDAR PAGE,  Regarding any Shearing RUNS which maybe currently;  (FULLY BOOKED OUT ARE LIMITED ) for any new booking for  coming new shearing runs or may have limited new intake for booking in Zones we travel.   Please also Our MOBILE COMMUNICATION can or maybe effected or DELAYED/LIMITED/POOR over some Shearing Runs. please see our shearing rooster for up-to-date details,  SHEARING ROOSTER CALENDAR PAGE