Shearpower2ewe Shearing Roster Calendar Showing Zones & Areas in Calendar View

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Our New Shearing Roster Calendar is regularly updated or when required.

This Shearing Roster Calendar can be very useful for clients  organize a shearing appointment or dates or times around one of our many shearing runs and see we are travelling or pasting near your Zones or Local Areas;  North, South and West

Our Appointments dates within our shearing runs zones and areas can book-out-quickly.  

Staff organizes all clients appointments into workloads based on our availability within each Zones or Area into  confirmed appointments.   All appointments are allocated a set-time/date within our Rostered Shearing Runs. Our mobile shearing services operated:  7 day week & on a yearly shearing runs.  

New inquiries/bookings will need to confirm our availability in a Zones or Areas.  By contacting our staff.